We love what we are doing. Therefore an external expertise pays off.

Today’s supply chain management challenges companies to bigger and more complex extend: in order to optimize all workflows, companies typically focus on their core competences and outsource less profitable processes to external partners. Of course, this observation is well-known. A lot of products and services are substitutable, a product’s lifecycle is shorter than a couple of years ago, trends are extremely fast moving, just-in-time deliveries have become state of the art, and thanks to our global trading, commercial transactions are available 24/7.

Here is what you can rely on with opportunitas’ services

  • Process and organisational development
  • Risk management
  • Supply chain enhancement
  • Value chain improvement
  • Supplier portfolio optimisation
  • Storage optimisation as well as enhancement of logistic strategy

Based on these facts, a professional supply chain management conducted by opportunitas becomes evident.